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Jonathan Norton

March 2016

We were very satisfied with all the services provided. So thankful that we chose MDI CONSTRUCTION INC. Professional, accountable, dependable! Need I say more, no need calling any other companies. Just make one call and leave everything else up to the team at MDI.

Steve Wing

April 2016

Michael and his team of qualified technicians have always done a great job for me. Highly recommend! Great service!

Terri Lewis Stevens

April 2016

I've worked with MDI since 2008-on over 100 commercial projects ...and counting. They strive to provide the best possible result under the most stressful circumstances (isn't construction typically stressful?). I highly recommend them, as a professional in the industry, and as a consumer of General Contracting work.

Terese Schuit

May 2016

Ihave been working with MDI Construction Inc. for almost a year now at Merit Insurance of TN . The team is professional, experienced, and a pleasure to work with. We are very fortunate as a agency to have them as a client.

Jonathan Rye

June 2016

They were timely and efficient. Provided quality


Phillip Starnes

June 2016

Quality of work is second to none! Their staff members are professional and always put the customer first.

Debbie Grosvenor

March 2016

No job too big or too small! They do it all. Great work and customer service. They were our church contractor and other jobs too. Thanks MDI!

Paul Daufen

April 2016

This place is the best! Solid pricing and fast construction! No way you can beat them!

David Randolph

May 2016

I have worked with them for years. They have jobs all across the country. Many of the Jets Pizza facility's have been done by them. Quality firm with a lot of character.

Rocky Irwin

May 2016

Very professional. Do what say they are going to and I would definitely recommend.

Donald Rush

May 2016

This company is very reliable. Attention to detail was fantastic. Very happy with the project overall.

Sergei Levin

June 2016

We have 30 yrs + working with contractors and have found MDI to be well organized, stress free and on-time.

Brent Atkinson

June 2016

Great service and wonderful people to work with. Would encourage anyone to give them a call.

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